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The City of Wildwood – Downtown Redevelopment

Improving the quality of life for businesses and citizens of Wildwood

The Railyard

A new, vibrant, walkable commercial district in the heart of downtown Wildwood.

Linear Park

An open-air, pedestrian-friendly park for casual relaxation while visiting downtown.

The Garage

The multistory parking garage at Main and Rutland will house approximately 125 spaces.

Video Updates

Demolition at the future location of the Railyard project and construction of the new parking garage.


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Downtown History

Once known for its bustling railroad traffic

Times have changed, vacant buildings and a major highway thoroughfare have lead to a decline in business growth and pedestrian safety concerns in the downtown district.

Despite the barriers downtown, the community has a strong foundation and residents help to make Wildwood a great place to live by planning and attending a variety of community events. Motivated stakeholders and community members are excited to support a revival of Downtown Wildwood. Through participation in the master planning process, community members are helping to create a meaningful future vision for their town. 

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Commercial Space

The Railyard

“The Railyard is a destination that will enhance the connectivity of the downtown core through vibrant, walkable, pedestrian-friendly, spaces.”


Parking for existing businesses and new commercial development

The first component of the Railyard project will be the construction of a new parking garage at the corner of Main Street and Rutland Street.
The multistory garage will house approximately 125 parking spaces. It will have an entrance and exit on Rutland Street in order to achieve a minimal impact on Highway 301.

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Linear Park

A charming urban oasis, with lush greenery, benches, and bicycle parking, that invites downtown visitors to relax and enjoy the outdoors.


2021 City of Wildwood Master Plan

Wildwood, Florida Mission Statement:

“The City of Wildwood commits to improving the quality of life for all its citizens and businesses and pledges to collaborate with all stakeholders in our community to foster pride, develop a vibrant and diverse economy and community, and plan for the future needs of our community”

The Vision:

Community partnership is essential for the revitalization of Wildwood. New development will help to bridge the physical and social gap caused by highway and railroad division. A more walkable environment will connect the surrounding neighborhoods to historic downtown and encourage active engagement with nature. Sustainable solutions that are diverse and adaptable, promote local entrepreneurship and investment, and are accessible to all people will be encouraged in the community. Agrarian and railroad history will be embraced as downtown becomes the hub for culture, events, and entertainment. Redevelopment in Wildwood will foster a renewed sense of hometown pride while the community balances local needs and regional draw.

  1. Position downtown Wildwood as a place where unique and authentic businesses thrive. 
  2. Establish a clear sense of place that represents the history and culture of Wildwood. 
  3. Ensure that downtown Wildwood is safely and easily accessible to residents and employees through multiple modes of transportation. 
  4. Ensure that parking needs and locations respond to a changing landscape over time.

Districts - Downtown (Historic Charm)

The Downtown District celebrates the rich railroad history of Wildwood and embraces the historic architecture and public green space. As new buildings pop up through this district, an emphasis on creating historic building facades should be encouraged and/or required. Public spaces in this district should draw from the placemaking elements of the planning process.

The Uptown District serves as the gateway to downtown Wildwood, welcoming the residents and greater region to experience shopping, vibrant community events, and local cuisine. A mix of both residential and commercial uses will help to create a sense of place that encourages live work lifestyle.

The Junction (Mixed-Use Residential)
The Junction is a thriving, walkable, mixed-density neighborhood in downtown Wildwood that is great for families and is well connected to many community amenities. It has opportunities for commercial development on the west side of the railroad concentrated along Central Avenue. This neighborhood is well connected to the rest of downtown Wildwood through enhanced pedestrian crossings. There is also an affordable housing complex located on the far west side of this neighborhood in close proximity to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

Plan Implementation - Projects and Timelines

Click on timelines to see the recommendations on timing for foundational projects throughout each phase of implementation. While some projects will be completed within a few years, others will stretch over the complete 30-year Master Plan implementation process. Two different timelines are provided: one for physical improvements and another for programmatic recommendations.

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