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Downtown Parking Garage Breaks Ground

HelloDowntown Parking Garage Breaks Ground

Construction of Wildwood’s new parking garage at the corner of US 301/Main St. and Oxford St. began in early January. 

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Jan. 8 at 11:00 a.m., and it was open to the public. All were invited.

The multistory structure will house approximately 125 vehicle spaces, providing much-needed parking for existing and future downtown businesses. According to the construction schedules, the garage will open in Fall 2024, though it was subject to change based on supply chain, weather, and other potential delays.

The parking garage is the first significant construction project of the city’s downtown master plan, which was adopted in November 2021. It is one component of a public-private partnership between the City of Wildwood and G3 Development.

That partnership also includes the construction of approximately 8,000 square feet of new, leasable commercial space expected to be filled by one or more dining and entertainment businesses. The commercial building, which will be built, owned, and operated by G3 Development, will begin construction in mid-2024 and open in early 2025.

The downtown master planning process involved participation and input from both residents and local businesses through surveys, interviews, a workshop, virtual open house, and presentations.

During that process, participants were asked to identify and prioritize community needs and wants. Downtown redevelopment and revitalization quickly emerged as the top issue community members wanted the city to address.

“Nothing happens quickly in government,” said City Manager Jason McHugh. “There are checks and balances built into every step of the process to ensure fair and judicial use of taxpayer resources, which is vital but takes time.”

“Then the pandemic threw a big wrench into the mix,” he added. “But we are now firmly on our way to implementing the vision laid out by our community, and Wildwood’s future is brighter than it has ever been.”