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The Railyard


The vision for The Railyard is to create a new, vibrant, walkable commercial district in the heart of downtown Wildwood that includes a variety of retail and ample parking, in a two-phase project.


Our goal is to create a downtown destination that will support and improve the current downtown by creating places for people to gather, work, and appreciate what the City of Wildwood has to offer.


The project will include a brand new, state-of-the-art parking facility with approximately 125 parking spaces and a commercial property revitalization of about 8,000 square feet.


This project promises to have broad appeal, attracting a diverse group of residents and customers, including young professionals, empty-nesters, and families of all ages. 

Wildwood’s History

Honoring & Preserving

The architectural design of the new space is a key aspect of the preservation effort for the block. The new building facades will feature a similar peaked parapet wall like the one that is featured on the Abalbritton building. The new building’s parapet will house the original concrete name friezes, preserving and celebrating important pieces of Wildwood history. This effort will also ensure that the new
building blends seamlessly with other historic buildings on the street.